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Hi there!

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My name is Francisca. Want to know more about me?

I’m a Chemical Engineer student and I’m currently writing my thesis.


I lived most of my life in the Porto district, in Portugal, and it’s where I live now. I used to move a lot when I was a child, because my family has this strange thing, like a tradition, to change a lot from place to place within the same area.


Porto, Portugal - Kikalicious About


For now, we are a family of 9! 🙂 One with feathers, five with four legs and three with two legs. With time, I’ll introduce all of them to you. We have a full… and messy… and crazy house but, in the end, it’s a happy home!


Kika - Kikalicious About


So this is a little crumb of me and my family. Want to know more?


Why I started Kikalicious?

Ovos moles de Aveiro - Kikalicious About


Since I started to cook I couldn’t stick to the recipe I had. I always had to give it my twist.

Then I started to improvise, trying to learn more and more all along. And eventually I found the first blog I have ever followed, back in 2009, the name was… Baunilha e Caramelo, and I fell in love with the foodblogging world.


Later, my family started saying that was almost impossible leave my home with the same weight that they came in 😉 , and that I should start a blog of my own. But I was afraid of exposing myself out there, in the wildness of the internet.

A few years later, and a bit more confident, I feel a tremendous need to be a part of that wonderful foodblogging world.

…And here we are!!!