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Nice to meet you and welcome to Kikalicious!


Feel free to pop around, I hope you enjoy it in here.


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And… if you test a recipe please, please, pleeeaase let me know, I’ll be so proud!  

I really hope you can find here some (or many!) delicious recipes and be indulged by the photography.

By the way, with Kikalicious and another project, I’m just initiating myself in the photography world. So, I’ll always be pushing myself to do better and better. I believe you’ll be able to witness my development in this area.


What can you find here?

Here you’ll find a bit of everything, but being completely honest with you, it will be mostly about sweets.

What? I can’t help it!  😀


I’ll share some family recipes, I’ll  be doing some recipes that aren’t mine, with a twist (of course!), and credit it to the owner. And I’ll create my own.

I’ll be honest with you. You’ll know when I fail when it burnt, when it dried, when it wasn’t completely baked, all of it! Because I want this to be a journey where I learn along with you.

As the time pass, you’ll notice that I’m a self-taught, mom-taught and grandmas-taught baker and cook and that I’m very proud of that. My best and earliest memories as a child were waking up from the afternoon nap, on Saturdays, with the sound of the electric mixer, when my mother was baking a cake.

In the mid time, I’ll be doing some posts about life…my life, my family, my professional life and about my experiences as a new food blogger. I hope you like it and if you want some more content in this area just let me know, ok?


I’ll be happily waiting for your comments and emails, so don’t be shy! 😉

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